Hupu News, September 30 Shanghai Greenland Shenhua successfully advanced to the second stage of the championship group, midfielder Peng Xinli contributed a lot. Recently, in an exclusive interview with Oriental Sports Daily, Peng Xinli said that he really likes the new term "Peng Bi Shenhui" for fans.


Yes. In fact, first of all, considering that this year is a special competition system, including special circumstances such as closed, competition system, etc., we expected before the season that this year will be more difficult than previous years, not to mention that in our group, every opponent is not weak. These are more urged Let's make full preparations!


It was really difficult during that time. First of all, the team suffered extensive injuries and the results were not satisfactory. There must be pressure from the players, but the team did not give up and complaints were useless. The most important thing was to solve the problem. .

那段时间真的很难。首先,该团队遭受了重伤,结果并不令人满意。球员一定会有压力,但球队没有放弃,抱怨也没用。最重要的是解决问题。 。

a lot of. First of all, due to compliance with the epidemic prevention and control rules, Mr. Wu (Chairman Wu Xiaohui) cannot enter the competition this time, but he has always cared about our team off the court. At that time, he told us that no matter what kind of problems we encounter, we can find the club, and the club will spare no effort to help everyone, we just need to play in the division with peace of mind. And Mr. Zhou has always been with us in the competition area and provided us with unlimited support and care in our lives and games. This time we can enter the championship group without the dedication of the two club executives and all the staff behind us. Thank them very much.


Haha, I personally like this word very much, Shenhua fans are very talented. Of course, I am most grateful to the fans for their recognition of us. I also hope that we can make more contributions to the team and bring happiness to the fans.


Basically, I don't think much, I still concentrate on the game.


First of all, I personally feel very cordial to see them. Everyone has a good relationship with them. For the team, they are all recognized as very powerful and excellent players, and the team can achieve today's results without them. In fact, I have seen that the outside world is a little concerned about their age, but everyone has seen that with the help of Feng and Zeng, the team's defense has improved and the young players have also grown.


Just hurry up these few days and stay with your family at home. I will return to the base to report on October 3. But you know, it's still in the season, and the subsequent games are also very important. The players will not say that they are completely resting. (Before the interview yesterday, Peng Xinli had just completed his running training.)

快点这几天,与家人待在家里。我将在10月3日返回基地进行报告。但是,您仍然知道,该赛季仍在进行中,以后的比赛也非常重要。玩家不会说他们已经完全休息了。 (昨天的采访之前,彭新立刚刚完成了跑步训练。)

This is interesting, in fact, I didn't take the initiative to sign up. Prior to the team’s winter training in Dubai, the hotel gym was equipped with table tennis tables. At that time, I played two games with Qin Sheng, and in the end I even won him a red envelope. Then everyone felt that I played table tennis well on the team, so they signed up for me in the group. I have to say that during the game, our press officer Ma Yue and Mr. Xu (Deputy General Manager Xu Wei) played so well. In the end, I was very happy to win a championship, haha.


Let's be a little bit. I have spent a lot of time with the Shanghai team members and staff, and now I can gradually understand some Shanghai dialects, but not all of them.


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