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Chinanews client, Beijing, October 22 (Xing Rui). It is not uncommon for players to work together and unite to win on the field. But if you miss the victory because of a teammate's mistake, what attitude would you choose to treat him?


Recently, a tragedy occurred in the Uganda Amateur Football League. A defender named Churchill Ovazi made a mistake in the defensive process, causing the ball to be lost. Immediately, he had an argument with his teammates. The teammates blamed him, but Ovaci retaliated. The teammates rushed towards him in a rage, but were eventually separated by the referee.

最近,乌干达业余足球联赛发生了一场悲剧。一名防守队员丘吉尔·奥瓦齐(Churchill Ovazi)在防守过程中犯了一个错误,导致球丢了。随即,他与队友发生争执。队友指责他,但奥瓦奇进行了报复。队友愤怒地冲向他,但最终被裁判分开。

I thought that this conflict would end here. After all, "friendship first, competition second." Victory needs to be won, but the price should not be a big fight. However, after the game, the emotional Ovazi launched a crazy revenge. He pushed the person who had beaten him off the bicycle, which directly triggered another battle. The teammates began to siege Ovazzi. A few hours later, Ovazzi lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. Soon, he was pronounced dead.


However, eyewitnesses revealed that Ovazi performed extremely badly that day and was very likely to be drunk. The audience also expressed dissatisfaction with him. At present, the police have arrested two suspects and the incident is still under further investigation.


资料图:2016年5月14日晚,在南京奥体中心举行的中超第九轮苏宁易购足球队对阵石家庄永昌足球队的比赛中,前来观战的江苏球迷系上绿丝带,在看台上打出条幅,呼吁反对球场暴力,净化足球赛场。在前几日举行的足协杯上,苏宁易购队员在客场上演绝杀后被武汉宏兴队员追打,多名球员受伤。泱波 摄

Data map: On the evening of May 14, 2016, in the ninth round of the Chinese Super League Suning Tesco football team vs. Shijiazhuang Yongchang football team held at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, Jiangsu fans who came to watch the match tied green ribbons and were in the stands A banner was published, calling for opposition to violence on the stadium and purifying the football stadium. In the Football Association Cup held a few days ago, Suning Tesco players were chased by Wuhan Hongxing players after they played a lore on the away field, and many players were injured. Photo by Yang Bo


Compared with the ordinary conflict on the football field, this tragedy is obviously mixed with more other factors. The 22-year-old Ovazi lost his life forever, and those who beat him will also be punished by law.

与足球场上的普通冲突相比,这场悲剧显然与更多其他因素混合在一起。 22岁的奥瓦齐(Ovazi)永远丧命,殴打他的人也将受到法律制裁。

In competitive competitions, there are winners and winners. Playing with a strong desire to win was originally something to be encouraged. But if you are too focused on gains and losses, you will inevitably be accused of "not being able to lose." In fact, the situation similar to the above does not only happen on the football field. Even in an e-sports game where teammates may be far apart, they can make an appointment with a network cable.


Earlier, a Wenzhou college student was blamed by his teammates on the other side of the network cable for operating errors in the League of Legends game. Immediately, the two sides began to quarrel. Unexpectedly, the next day, four teammates arrived in Wenzhou by train from Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shangyu and other places. As soon as they met, several people beat up the college student. After the roommate called the police, the victim was sent to the hospital for treatment, and the perpetrator was placed in security detention by the police.



Data map: A school in Urumqi offers a major in e-sports. The picture shows the students in class.


As the saying goes, "A person is not a sage, no one can fail." In the course of the game, players make mistakes everywhere. It's not just the mistakes of teammates. Sometimes, facing the mistakes of opponents, it can reflect a person's character and spirit.


Last month, Spanish athlete Thiago and British athlete James competed for the bronze medal at the last minute in a triathlon competition in Barcelona, ​​Spain. When approaching the finish line, James, who was in the lead, made a mistake and ran the wrong way. Thiago took advantage of the situation and surpassed him. But at the moment of crossing the line, Thiago still stopped, allowing James to cross the finish line first. In the end, Thiago missed the medal ranking fourth.



Thiago stopped before the finish line.


Compared with honor, Thiago's sportsmanship is even more moving. Although it is said that "the king wins and loses the bandit", the arena must not only judge heroes by success or failure. The purpose of competitive sports is not only to entertain the public, but also to deliver positive energy. A strong physique, a sense of struggle, a spirit of unity, a tenacious fighting spirit, and skillful skills... these are the precious wealth that competitive sports brings to people.


In addition, how to face failure is also a "compulsory course" in competitive sports. There are many reasons for the failure, maybe teammates' mistakes, maybe their own ability is not enough, but when the result of the game is a foregone conclusion, you might as well have less complaints and complaints, and have more understanding and tolerance for others and yourself.


There is a saying that is widely circulated on the green field: "Football has nothing to do with life and death, football is higher than life and death." In fact, we all know what is the most precious.


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